Solar Powered Bluetooth Caller ID With LCD Display

[ ] This Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit is for busy travelers and for people who get calls while driving. The Solar Powered Bluetooth has caller ID & LCD Display has got handsfree functionality for safe cell phone use while driving, Full Duplex System with DSP Technology, Noise suppression, echo cancellation and backlit display for night use Who would like this: Business men and women, people who drive often, people who are on the road a lot. People who drive and receive phone calls quite often on their mobile phone. What eBay keywords can I use: Bluetooth, Car kit, Car Kit, Caller ID, LCD Display, Bluetooth hands free, solar cars, Solar power, Bluetooth wireless This Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit- With Caller ID and LCD Screen, comes with a frequency range of 2.4GHz Spectrum and operates at temperatures between 0C to 50C, unlike other solar powered technologies. It is Beautifully Designed and pleasing to the sight. The Solar Powered Bluetooth hosts a number of powerful call management features, which provides you with the flexibility to answer and end calls, reject calls, call waiting function, voice dial and redial, and phonebook support is also provided along with callback, ensuring that you never miss an important call. The Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit comes in with Bluetooth 2.0 technology, meaning compatibility with any of your cell phones. It has noise reduction and echo cancellation which gives you clear audio when having a chat with some


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