Solar Power: Against–need help for debate?

I have have a debate coming up in school and here’s the question……… "United States car companies should be required to produce a solar powered car,since this will help reduce consumption of polluting fossil fuels" Position:AGAINST This was given too… Continue Reading

Have you heard the news today?

I thought only one thing had happened today, but it seems I am wrong. 650 sacked oil refinery workers to be reinstated. Communities to bid for cash seized from proceeds of crime and vote how it is spent. Allies secret… Continue Reading

survey on solar power!! EXTREMELY URGENT!!!?

so here are the questions: 1. What is solar power? a)sunlight b)energy from the sun c)renewable resource d)all of the above except a 2. Have you ever seen or been in a solar home? a)Yes b)No 3. Solar powered homes… Continue Reading

Solar projects enlighten students -School District looking skywards for solutions

COMOX VALLEY — The Comox Valley School District is hoping to enlighten students and the general public through new alternative energy projects it has on the go. The first is through the creation of the valley’s first solar powered sign,… Continue Reading

So, what are the Haitians supposed to actually DO with those solar powered talking bibles?

I think it would be difficult to utilize a solar powered anything when one is trapped in the dark under a bunch of rubble. They also do not sound very nutritious or medically helpful. Unless, of course, they’re made of… Continue Reading