Economics of Wind- and Photovoltaic-generated electricity — SEE QUESTIONS BELOW –?

QUESTIONS ABOUT WIND: 1) Will the day ever come, when a majority of residences in "windy areas" have their own wind turbines on site? … Or will it almost always be more economical for wind-generated electric power to come from… Continue Reading

the bigest theart to coal miners yet it must be stop?

how are we going to rip guys off when can get almost free power. 100 square miles of hydro solar would do it and add in following no coal mines no co2 no coal ash no Mercury it almost free… Continue Reading

a solar plant that can make 280 megwats for tucson phoneix? why are we not building more of theses?

100 square miles of hydro solar would power good chunk of usa. and add in following no coal mines no co2 no coal ash no Mercury it almost free and sun goes out i think we will have bigger problems… Continue Reading

Why Design Now?: Z-20 Concentrated Solar-Power System

Why? This solar technology is distinguished by its use of mirrors to capture light and focus it onto a small generator to produce electricity and thermal energy. The parabolic optical dish follows the sun from dawn until dusk, harnessing seventy… Continue Reading

Can someone help me understand this statement about Solar Energy?

So I’m reading this article on Wikipedia about Solar Energy. I have to do this project about biofuels, and solar energy is one of them. It says: "Solar technologies are broadly characterized as either passive or active depending on the… Continue Reading

Can anyone give me examples of "solar power technology junior stocks"?

What companies are in the Solar Power Technology industry? Other Solar Power Sites Online The Enhanced Power of Prayer Through Technology | Technology Base Photovoltaic Panels For Solar Power | KALOSBIO.COM Arizona Solar Panel Incentives Too Effective | Solar Power… Continue Reading