Have you heard of thin film solar technology?

I think this is very interesting:

"within ten years, solar will undercut coal, natural gas, and nuclear by 50%…The crucial tipping point, says Evans-Prichard, is the per watt point: the current price of most non-renewable energy sources. Current solar technology puts the price of solar power at about to per watt. Anil Sethi of Flisom foresees his thin-film solar panels reaching $.80/watt in five years, and $.50/watt within ten.

Thin film solar modules don’t use the costly, and limited, silicon that we are used to. The technology is based on CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) arranged on a flexible backing, suitable for not only the tops, but also the sides of buildings, tinted windows, cell phones, notebook computers, cars, and even clothing."


Have you heard of this advancement in solar technology? Sounds very promising.

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