Brief question about solar cells?

So I’ve been browsing around for a while, trying to get a basic hang of modern solar cell technology. So far, I think I’ve gotten a decent grip of how the things work, but there’s one thing that confuses me.… Continue Reading

Jesuits @ CES 2009 – Flexible Solar with Power Film The inefficiency of solar cells is not a big secret. Though some of the more advanced technologies are approaching some respectable efficiencies (think 10-15%) most consumer-level products are big, bulky, expensive and have conversion rates hovering below 10% —… Continue Reading

Spherical Solar Energy : DigInfo

DigInfo – In the search for alternative energy Clean Venture 21 have developed a new spin on solar. Their Spherical Silicon Solar Array are made from silicon spheres 1mm in diameter which sit in a reflector which is 2.2… Continue Reading