Finance Question about NONCONSTANT GROWTH (Will vote all answers)?

(Plz show work) Assume that it is now January 1, 2012. Wayne-Martin Electric Inc. (WME) has developed a solar panel capable of generating 200% more electricity than any other solar panel currently on the market. As a result, WME is… Continue Reading

Brief question about solar cells?

So I’ve been browsing around for a while, trying to get a basic hang of modern solar cell technology. So far, I think I’ve gotten a decent grip of how the things work, but there’s one thing that confuses me.… Continue Reading

Some physics question?

Current solar-panel technology has the efficiency of converting 12% of the solar energy to electricity. Given that on a sunny day in Arizona the average solar radiation energy flux is 1.0 kW/m^2 , and that the area of Arizona is… Continue Reading

what are the prospects of solar energy as an alternative commercial source of energy today ?

the solar industry today is being considered for the first time in a serious manner as an alternative clean fuel source to generating energy when compared to dirty fossil fuels like oil and coal that generate energy such as electricity.… Continue Reading

Electric power is no panacea, may cost more in the end!?

We still need energy to produce the Electricity and burn fossil fuel to do it. We now incure "Brown-outs" during the summer when people run their Air conditioners and overload the grids. What is going to happen to the supply… Continue Reading

A couple question about different types of alternative energy?

I am looking into different sources of alternative energy. I am trying to figure out which ones are viable and which ones are not and the pros and cons. Can you tell me the pros and cons of these following… Continue Reading

Don’t Buy Solar Panels For Sale – Here’s a Better Solution For Solar Power – Don’t Buy Solar Panels For Sale – Here’s a Better Solution For Solar Power Each month, as people receive their electric bill, many contemplate turning to solar panels to reduce this utility cost. Some people are literally paying… Continue Reading

Solar Energy Equipment Supplier, Solar Power Energy in Fords NJ 08863

Solar Mite Solutions is a solar energy equipment supplier located in Fords NJ. Our services include solar panel installation, commercial and residential solar energy installation as well as solar power energy. We also specialize in solar electricity. For all your… Continue Reading