Weekly Address: Solar Power & a Clean Energy Economy

The President points to a revolutionary new solar plant that will employ 1000 people and power 140000 homes. The plant is possible because of the President’s investments in the clean energy economy, which Congressional Republicans want to eliminate.

Solar Power 101 – how does sunlight turn into electricity

Please sign the Declaration of Endependence at www.endependence.info/declaration . Short and concise explanation of solar photovoltaic systems. How do they work? Do I need batteries? Produced by the on-line local action network, Endependence.info. Show us how you are saving energy.… Continue Reading

Solar Energy Newspaper Project HELP PLEASEE !!?

SOLAR ENERGY AND SOLAR POWER 1. What does the device generate and how? 2. Describe the historical development of the device/ technology, when it was first put into practice. and who developed it? 3. To what extent do other countries… Continue Reading

Solar (industry/technology) growth as a function of Oil prices?

Solar (industry/technology) growth as a function of Oil prices Driving forces for Solar Power: 1. Government incentives 2. High crude oil prices (upto 8 in june 2008 timeframe) 3. Green Energy With crude oil below (11/14/2008) the will this impact… Continue Reading