Have you heard about Moore's Law in relation to alternative energy products?

Moore’s Law is the law which states that the number of transistors which can fit on a microchip doubles about every six months. This is why computers have improved so dramatically in the last twenty years. German technology company Siemens stated in a recent press release that Moore’s Law seems to apply to Solar Technologies as well, and that modern day solar panels are at a comparative stage of development to an old fashioned Apple IIe that many Gen-X-ers learned to type on in elementary school.

If this statement proves to be true, and if solar technology does make such tremendous advances, what kinds of laws will have to be put into place to prevent Conservative vandals from destroying solar installations just because they’ve been trained by FOX News propaganda to hate alternative energy? Do you believe existing laws against vandalism will suffice or do you believe the interstate commerce statutes that apply to power lines should also apply to solar installations owned by individual homeowners?
@ John D – if those homeowners are living off the grid there would be no way to apply those laws but if the homeowners are connected to the electrical grid in an area where net-metering is permitted then that grid connection would make those laws applicable.


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