Have you heard about Moore's Law in relation to alternative energy products?

Moore’s Law is the law which states that the number of transistors which can fit on a microchip doubles about every six months. This is why computers have improved so dramatically in the last twenty years. German technology company Siemens… Continue Reading

Zenith turns an Israeli kibbutz solar

ZenithSolar, an Israeli solar technology company, has installed its first innovative new solar farm on a Kibbutz in Israel that will create environmentally friendly energy at low costs. The technology can be used by other communities worldwide as a cost-efficient… Continue Reading

ItaliaspeedTV – SolarPrint enters into partnership with Fiat to develop “smart” solar roof

Irish energy technology company SolarPrint has entered into a partnership with Fiat to develop a “smart roof” incorporating low cost photo voltaic (solar) cells and lithium batteries that will in turn be used to power on board devices in cars.… Continue Reading