Have you heard about Moore's Law in relation to alternative energy products?

Moore’s Law is the law which states that the number of transistors which can fit on a microchip doubles about every six months. This is why computers have improved so dramatically in the last twenty years. German technology company Siemens… Continue Reading

Indoor Solar Cells? A 500 Megawatt Proposal

Complete video at: fora.tv Howard Clearfield, CTO of G24 Innovations, discusses potential applications of dye-sensitized solar cells. Since these cells operate indoors, Clearfield explains using the technology with indoor devices that draw standby power, like televisions, would take over 500… Continue Reading

is solar living a sham?

I am in India and have been studyin the commercial aspects of PV panels and their usage for many years now is it safe to say that even today…PV s are exorbitantly expensive and also inefficient..and hence totally unviable as… Continue Reading

Maker Workshop – Wind Power Generator on MAKE: television

Taking a motor from an old exercise treadmill and some PVC pipe, John Park constructs a wind-powered generator. The electrical power may not be enough to get your home off the grid, but the great thing about the project is… Continue Reading

Solar Power Amazing Facts They Don’t Want You To Know

www.SolarPowerPreview.com Learn amazing facts about Solar Power and how to build your own inexpensive solar panels. Green Energy is becoming more popular and the technology now exists to build your own solar panels, windmills and wind turbines for very little… Continue Reading


www.SolarEnergyGuide.net – SOLAR PANEL DIY WIRING CONFIGURATIONS SOLAR POWER DIY GET OFF THE GRID 2 PV PHOTOVOLTAIC WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY FOR DIAGRAMS This is a simple explanation of “Series” and “Parallel” configurations for solar panels and DC batteries. SOLAR… Continue Reading