Zenith turns an Israeli kibbutz solar

ZenithSolar, an Israeli solar technology company, has installed its first innovative new solar farm on a Kibbutz in Israel that will create environmentally friendly energy at low costs. The technology can be used by other communities worldwide as a cost-efficient… Continue Reading

SolFocus Story

SolFocus provides solar energy solutions which will enable solar energy generation that is cost competitive with traditional fossil fuel sources. SolFocus has an expanding portfolio of products and technologies including solar concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) systems, intelligent tracking systems for CPV… Continue Reading


CPV Concentrated Photovoltaic is a promising technology. Many companies and research groups are working on cost containment offering a lower per watt energy alternative. Future residential solar power systems. Solar job career opportunity.

Sunseeker Energy Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar Collectors

Sunseeker Energy www.sunseekerenergy.com has established itself as an ethical green business committed to developing new generation solar and hybrid power technologies for sustainable energy use throughout the world. Sunseeker Energy’s Concentrator Solar Transducer Systems are more powerful yet they are… Continue Reading