what are the prospects of solar energy as an alternative commercial source of energy today ?

the solar industry today is being considered for the first time in a serious manner as an alternative clean fuel source to generating energy when compared to dirty fossil fuels like oil and coal that generate energy such as electricity.… Continue Reading

If Fiornia defeats Boxer in California, will funding for "green energy" dry up in California?

The Boxer/Fiornia senate race is regarded as a dead heat by most polls, if Fiorna defeats Boxer, which is a very real possibility, since the incumbent, Boxer, has not achieved 50 % by the 1st of September, in the polls,… Continue Reading

unit 4 study guide questions?

1. Automobiles that use more than one source of power are called ______________. (Points: 1)        2. Harnessing this energy, ___________   __________  can only be done currently at a few shorelines on the Earth. (2 words) (Points: 1)        3. Fine sedimentary rock… Continue Reading

Solar energy as an alternative fuel source. Do you agree with my points?

1. Solar energy is not cost effective due to the cost of equipment and the cost fossil fuels needed to create solar energy cells in the first place. If you were to install solar panel on an average home in… Continue Reading

SolFocus Story

SolFocus provides solar energy solutions which will enable solar energy generation that is cost competitive with traditional fossil fuel sources. SolFocus has an expanding portfolio of products and technologies including solar concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) systems, intelligent tracking systems for CPV… Continue Reading

Real World: Solar Power on Earth

In this NASA video segment learn how NASA-inspired technologies produce solar power here on Earth. Go behind the scenes at the “Solar Decathlon,” a competition that challenged twenty colleges and universities to design a solar-powered house. Learn how solar power… Continue Reading

Why not forget "possible" other fuel sources?

We already know that the government is working on other possible fuel sources such as hydrogen, fission, etc. Well, I believe that in the amount of time and money spent on planning, research, and development of these POSSIBLE sources, we… Continue Reading