Has anyone heard any uses for new energy like spray on solar cells?

We all need to start applying these breakthrough energy technologies, they are amazing. Like the nano solar cells that can capture the infrared spectrum of the sun’s energy even on a cloudy day, and you can put them on anything and power it. All they need is .1 percent of the earth’s surface covered with this and provide the entire world’s energy supply. One thing I know that is in development in china and the u.s. is the maglev wind turbine that can power a major city with clean and free energy. They also developed water as a fuel and the waste product is water completely recyclable energy and everywhere on the planet, devices that create outputs of 5 times the energy it consumes, that will conserve a lot. We all need to start using or demanding these technologies worldwide.
just search yahoo for spray on solar cells and there should be several links. It comes from a report at national geographic.


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