How can I become more effcient to the Earth and myself?

Your Open QuestionShow me another ยป How can I become more efficient to the Earth and oneself? I believe in conserving the Earth as it is the only planet in which to this date, is inhabitable by the human race.… Continue Reading

What would the residents of the other planets in our solar system be called?

Let’s just say for the sake of this hypothetical question, the other planets in our solar system could sustain human life, we possessed the technology to travel between planets in a relatively short period of time. What would the residents… Continue Reading

here’s a good question why wont americans get off this fossil fuel crap and star using real efficient energy?

i mean we all know at least i hope we do and if u didn’t u will now that solar,wind,tidal and wave energy is available and it can power most of the world easily better yet how about Geothermal energy… Continue Reading

Is technology advanced enough yet to send a satellite beyond the sun? Read on…?

I know it’s a dumb question, but I’ve always been extremely interested in Astronomy (planets, space, stars, etc) and I’ve always wondered if there will ever be a day when we can send a satellite that can take pictures of… Continue Reading

Space and Time Question?

Please help me understand this… Lets say that we have invented a space ship that travels at the speed of light… We also invent a transmitter that uses tachyons or some other technology that allows realtime communication between Earth and… Continue Reading