Question about Life on other Planets?

If there are sapient beings in other galaxies, where do you think would they most likely be located. Do you think they could identify/ decode the Arecibo message if they are completely different from us. Why do people always assume… Continue Reading

Heres a question based on theory and speculitive events on E.T's?

Based that astronauts like, Buzz Aldrin and Gordon Cooper as well as current astronauts in the international space station talk about "spheres" and "boogies" large metallic disk that seem to go into thunder storms and emit a very spectacular light… Continue Reading

If a Black Hole was heading to Earth within 100 years, would scientist stop trying to invent things?

So the other week I was watching the 7 ways the world would end; #7 is near by Supernova (even 8,000 light years is too dangerously close), #6 is the chance of a Black Hole coming near us, one of… Continue Reading

What is the biggest limitation to interstellar space travel with current technology?

I understand that it is not ‘practical’; that is not what I am asking. I understand the sheer distance and time frame involved. I also understand it is possible to launch things outside of our solar system. Is it the… Continue Reading