Why would we build any more nuclear power plants?

A lot of people, including John McCain, think nuclear power is the best solution to the US’s energy problems. However, the cost of nuclear power has been skyrocketting. From 2000 through October 2007, nuclear power plant construction costs — mainly… Continue Reading

Clean Technology

“To use “the Strengths of the Father” to protect “the Gifts of the Mother” would best summarize Sacred Power Corporation’s basic intent and philosophy. It is our belief that the world in which we live can change it’s current direction… Continue Reading

Can solar thermal power solve the worlds energy problems?

According to this link Europe uses 4,000 terawatts of energy but in the normally unusable deserts of North Africa and the Middle East 630,000 terawatts fall unused. If solar thermal plants covered the desert about the size of Austria it… Continue Reading