]Which of the following best describes the changes involved in a fusion reaction? The nucleus of an atom spli?

]Which of the following best describes the changes involved in a fusion reaction? The nucleus of an atom splits into fragments, releasing a large amount of energy. The nucleus of an atom splits into fragments, absorbing a large amount of… Continue Reading

Why cant we use nuclear power exactly?

Okay, heres the question part. Being that Solar and wind technologies do not have as high of a yield for energy, and considering in the resistance of the lines and the price of the grade of copper that will have… Continue Reading

With the nuclear issues in Japan, where are we with nuclear fusion technology as an alternative to fission?

The horrible events in Japan raise an important question. Nuclear fission power has many risks, waste by-products being a big one, not to mention instability in processing, risks of explosion, etc. Nuclear fusion technology is less unstable (potentially) and doesn’t… Continue Reading

Why would we build any more nuclear power plants?

A lot of people, including John McCain, think nuclear power is the best solution to the US’s energy problems. However, the cost of nuclear power has been skyrocketting. From 2000 through October 2007, nuclear power plant construction costs — mainly… Continue Reading

So what is the energy answer according to the left?

"The Tennessee Valley Authority has asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for an operating license at the Rhea County site, however, the Sierra Club, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, the Tennessee Environmental Council, the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, and… Continue Reading

A couple question about different types of alternative energy?

I am looking into different sources of alternative energy. I am trying to figure out which ones are viable and which ones are not and the pros and cons. Can you tell me the pros and cons of these following… Continue Reading

Why don't we build new nuclear power plants?

It’s proven technology to generate power for us that produces no carbon dioxide, sulfur emmisions, lead, mercury, etc. The new designs by GE and the french are very reliable and safe. People just remember chernobyl and 3 mile island. I… Continue Reading

How many MW do these power plants produce?

Oddly worded question, I know. Anyway, how many MW (megawatts) do the following produce? An average sized wind power plant. An average sized solar power plant. An average sized coal plant, oil plant and natural gas plant. An average sized… Continue Reading

unit 4 study guide questions?

1. Automobiles that use more than one source of power are called ______________. (Points: 1)        2. Harnessing this energy, ___________   __________  can only be done currently at a few shorelines on the Earth. (2 words) (Points: 1)        3. Fine sedimentary rock… Continue Reading

Is it time to throw the greens under the bus?

Ask any family with children or grandchildren what they want for the future and the almost certain answer you get is "We want the kids to have it better than we do." If you press for further information, "better" turns… Continue Reading