How Much Do You Know About Energy Efficiency?

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You already probably know about green energy. You may do a few things, and think that is enough, or you may not have done anything related to green energy since it became such a popular idea. Whatever your experience with… Continue Reading

Has Anyone Told Obama You Get Almost Nothing for $150 Billion Spent on Wind & Solar?

That is only about 0 per year for each American household. Wind and solar are so expensive that your family or a community would get very little benefit by investing that little bit of money in windmills or solar technology.… Continue Reading

Which is the current viable solar technology that one should opt for to produce, to avoid expensive R&D?

Hi, For a school project, I was asked to setup a business model for a solar production factory. But I am stuck a little bit. The main thing that I have a problem with is to understand the difference between… Continue Reading