How Much Do You Know About Energy Efficiency?

Green Outlet

You already probably know about green energy. You may do a few things, and think that is enough, or you may not have done anything related to green energy since it became such a popular idea. Whatever your experience with… Continue Reading

Geothermal relative to aquafer?

If a subdivision, i.e. 400 homes, were to use geothermal technology, both for heating and cooling, assuming 45 degrees north in the midwest United States, and assuming a substantial aquafer exists, (note, solar heating, and cooling, using Stirling technology), how… Continue Reading

I have researched solar power and still wonder why it isn't used more in the usa?

I have posted similar question before about solar power and asking why the usa hasn’t done worth spit in geting more solar power. A 100 sqr ft of solar panel durring full sun makes roughly 1kw. Solar powered water heaters… Continue Reading