Question about the environment???

Now if your wondering why I am asking this in the religious section, it’s because I have noticed that the more Christian people are in America, the more they hate the environment. Environmentalists believe that all the chemicals we are… Continue Reading

Electric power is no panacea, may cost more in the end!?

We still need energy to produce the Electricity and burn fossil fuel to do it. We now incure "Brown-outs" during the summer when people run their Air conditioners and overload the grids. What is going to happen to the supply… Continue Reading

1st we had an Industrial Revolution then a Tech Revolution. Will Green Energy be the boom of the 21st century?

If so, will it be solar technology, fuel cell/battery innovation or something else? Tha*Luna… (below) I disagree because I envision the majority homes in 2020 being built with geothermal and/or solar energy included. I also envison alt energy cars being… Continue Reading

Solar powered shed setup UK

Pictures followed by video tour. (tour starts at 1.20) This is my first attempt at setting up a solar system at home. It is based in my dads shed and has the following characteristics: 12v, 70Ah Deep cycle battery 20W… Continue Reading