Solar Cell Technology in 2009 and Beyond

(November 11, 2009) Michael McGehee, Professor and Director of the Center for Advanced Molecular Photovoltaics at Stanford, discusses the state-of-the-art in currently competing solar photovoltaic technologies, including the future prospects and potential problems involved with each. Stanford University Center… Continue Reading

NOVA Saved By the Sun (Solar NanoPaint)

This clip is from the 2007 WGBH Boston NOVA PBS program, “Solar Energy: Saved By the Sun” which documents how solar energy is being used around the world in addition to the future of solar energy technology. The introduction of… Continue Reading

Nanotechnology & Solar Power

Jeff Grossman, UC Berkeley, talks about the growing involvement of nanotechnology in solar power development. He starts off with a discussion of the basics of Nanotechnology, the moves into the challenges around new energy, and the limitations of traditional solar… Continue Reading

A Delicious New Solar Cell Technology

Researchers demonstrate a new solar cell technology based entirely on powdered donuts and passion tea. Please vote on Nanotation Video contest entry here: Copyright: All Rights Reserved by Blake Farrow