If Fiornia defeats Boxer in California, will funding for "green energy" dry up in California?

The Boxer/Fiornia senate race is regarded as a dead heat by most polls, if Fiorna defeats Boxer, which is a very real possibility, since the incumbent, Boxer, has not achieved 50 % by the 1st of September, in the polls,… Continue Reading

If the UN is leading the way, for the Western World in?

environmental change, then what better way for them to do it, then by example ? The UN should get rid of all modern appliances in all their corporate headquarters, that pollute. Every UN person should arrive by bicycle when going… Continue Reading

Does anyone really care where we get our electrical power from?

If we got ‘enough’ electrical power from solar, wind, hydro, fuel cell and geo thermal sources to keep the wheels on the road and the lights on would anyone really care. If we had a national effort to move away… Continue Reading

Maker Workshop – Wind Power Generator on MAKE: television

Taking a motor from an old exercise treadmill and some PVC pipe, John Park constructs a wind-powered generator. The electrical power may not be enough to get your home off the grid, but the great thing about the project is… Continue Reading

Solar Thermal Energy

Solar thermal energy is a technology used for harnessing solar power for practical applications, from solar heating to electrical power generation. Solar thermal energy is the heat that can be gathered from solar power without the use of photoelectric cells.… Continue Reading

PowerVerde Totally Green Motor – NBC News Video

In 2009, PowerVerde Inc. will begin manufacturing totally green electrical power generation systems using a patented technology. These new systems will NEVER burn fossil fuels and the savings in greenhouse emissions are considerable. This is a story that was recently… Continue Reading