What is the biggest limitation to interstellar space travel with current technology?

I understand that it is not ‘practical’; that is not what I am asking. I understand the sheer distance and time frame involved. I also understand it is possible to launch things outside of our solar system. Is it the… Continue Reading

Has America lost it's innovation edge?

GOVERNMENT FUNDING of basic research has been astonishingly productive. Over the past five decades it has led to the development of the Internet, lasers, global positioning satellites, magnetic resonance imaging, DNA sequencing, and hundreds of other technologies. With the end… Continue Reading

If Fiornia defeats Boxer in California, will funding for "green energy" dry up in California?

The Boxer/Fiornia senate race is regarded as a dead heat by most polls, if Fiorna defeats Boxer, which is a very real possibility, since the incumbent, Boxer, has not achieved 50 % by the 1st of September, in the polls,… Continue Reading

Why should we increase nuclear power use when geothermal and solar thermal are available?

Google announced today that it is investing .25 million in an energy technology called Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS). According to an MIT report on EGS, only 2% of the heat beneath the continental US between 3 and 10 kilometers (depths… Continue Reading

How would we colonize our Solar System in the next 50 years? What Sciences would be involved?

How would we design Ships with current technology, and what would realistic space ships designed with current Technology look like? (The space shuttle is 1970s) What major technology advances would be required? How would we go about mining cruithne? Colonizing… Continue Reading