Question about December 21 2012?

I used to think it was BS, but then i heard that the reason the Mayans predicted this date was because they saw a galactic cycle we are in, where every 26000 years we get as close as we ever… Continue Reading

What are the implications of our manipulation of Edge-Localized Modes?

(Edge-Localized Modes in plasmas look like solar flares.) (We have learned how to prevent Edge-Localized Modes from flaring.) (ELM’s are distinctly like other cosmic plasma discharges, possibly even the sun.) So, what are the implications from a… Continue Reading

Based on these Natural Events currently taking Place in our World?

And you had to give your best hypothesis of what is taking place Which One would you choose? 1. Man Made Global warming 2. Natural Cycle for earth 3. Matthew 24 4. Sun Solar Flare ready to explode 5. Mayan… Continue Reading