Why don't we pipe seawater into our homes and then split it into combustible Hydrogen and Oxygen w/solar power

My understanding is that salt water is fairly easily converted into its combustible gas components (or even better "Brown’s" gas I think it’s called) with a little current and a particular kind of metal. Since there is obviously a huge… Continue Reading

Has Anyone Told Obama You Get Almost Nothing for $150 Billion Spent on Wind & Solar?

That is only about 0 per year for each American household. Wind and solar are so expensive that your family or a community would get very little benefit by investing that little bit of money in windmills or solar technology.… Continue Reading

Energy Towers Power & Water – Introductory Overview.mpg

A 5-minute 40-second overview of the Energy Towers technology. Developed at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology by Prof. Dan Zaslavsky, this is the most cost-effective technology for supplying zero-emission electricity from renewable sources. Electricity can be produced more cheaply than… Continue Reading

Solar Power Amazing Facts They Don’t Want You To Know

www.SolarPowerPreview.com Learn amazing facts about Solar Power and how to build your own inexpensive solar panels. Green Energy is becoming more popular and the technology now exists to build your own solar panels, windmills and wind turbines for very little… Continue Reading