Question about December 21 2012?

I used to think it was BS, but then i heard that the reason the Mayans predicted this date was because they saw a galactic cycle we are in, where every 26000 years we get as close as we ever… Continue Reading

If a Black Hole was heading to Earth within 100 years, would scientist stop trying to invent things?

So the other week I was watching the 7 ways the world would end; #7 is near by Supernova (even 8,000 light years is too dangerously close), #6 is the chance of a Black Hole coming near us, one of… Continue Reading

Basic Astronomy Help!?

Does anyone know any of these? 1.Which of the following stellar spectral classes would most likely experience a supernova event? a. O b. K c. G d. M 2.What happens to the magnitude of an older star as its luminosity… Continue Reading

Why MY GOD of reality missed the mankind in totality.Stay or perish for ever .Read patiently and answer?

GOD Transformation of matter or movement of matter is a universal phenomenon. Supernovas, galaxies, black holes, solar systems, stars, planets & all that constitutes them are under constant movement and transformation. Planet earth placed in the solar system is under… Continue Reading

I have a question regarding space travel and the use or ability to transport in space to another solar system?

I have been very interested in this subject lately and feel its very possible that ufos and aliens exist and use some kind of ability to jump around the universe. I have have heard that the the popular grey aliens… Continue Reading