The Solar Powered Attic Fan From US Sunlight Corp

SALE, Save 0 and get FREE SHIPPING! The Solar Powered Attic Fan from US Sunlight Corp. Quite simply the best product you can buy to reduce heat build-up in your attic in the summer and remove harmful moisture in… Continue Reading

Solar dish concentrator new technology! mass production at low cost

Convertpower LTD, develop master solution, that will Dramatically changing worldwide energy production, while reducing pollution, energy costs by harnessing the biggest global power source, the sun. Combining many methods and techniques together to create a solar power device and storing… Continue Reading

Green Millennium Photocatalyst Solar Clean Technology Nano Photocatalyst Coating Technology: The principle of photocatalytic reaction was to accelerate the nature’s cleaning and purifying process using light as energy. Discovered in 1960’s, Dr. Fujishima of Japan found titanium metal, after irradiated by light, could break water… Continue Reading

Melting steel with solar power

Cut your energy bills by half! Complete guide to building your own solar panels. Clip from James May’s Big Ideas where bunch of hippies burn and melt stuff with their ‘solar furnace’, oh and it has something to do… Continue Reading


Run A Car On Water Home-Made Renewable Solar And Wind Energy Solar & Wind Energy Diy Guide

Dr. Hermann Scheer inspires at The Solar Future Part I

Hermann Scheer gave an inspirational talk at the conference about the necessity and inevitability of investing in solar energy. The traditional energy companies will not be able to prevent self-generated (solar) power from becoming as commonplace as laptops are today.… Continue Reading