QinetiQ Zephyr solar powered plane.

The QinetiQ team launches Zephyr in Yuma in August 2008. Zephyr is a solar powered UAV designed and built by QinetiQ for continuous flight over several months. Zephyr currently holds the unofficial record for the longest unmanned flight at around… Continue Reading

DIY Home Solar Power Manual How to Make Solar Panel installation for home

www.SolarEnergyGuide.net -Discover everything you wanted to know about using solar power and how to build solar panels to your adavntage and eliminate your power bill. If you have been harboring thoughts of building your very own solar panel with a… Continue Reading

Real World: Solar Power on Earth

In this NASA video segment learn how NASA-inspired technologies produce solar power here on Earth. Go behind the scenes at the “Solar Decathlon,” a competition that challenged twenty colleges and universities to design a solar-powered house. Learn how solar power… Continue Reading

I need answer from the experts regarding the solar power generation in India, regarding development and issues

Please give me the deatils regarding the solar power in India, pertaining to recent developments and issues.I need the experts advice regarding this. Other Solar Power Sites Online Dubai‚Äôs world tallest tower starts using solar power | Peace News USA… Continue Reading