Renewable Energy Degrees: Green Jobs = Bright Future

According to the Worldwatch Institute: Driven by the gathering sense of a climate crisis, the notion of “green jobs”-especially in the renewable energy sector-is now receiving unprecedented attention. Currently about 2.3 million people worldwide work either directly in renewables or… Continue Reading

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Power Technology Institute in Detroit Michigan PTI is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of echnology (ACCSCT), so financial aid is available and varies for those who qualify. PTI’s Financial Aid Office takes a personal approach to help you determine and… Continue Reading

Bright Future “Solar Power and Puget Sound Energy”

Puget Sound Energy is the largest utility producer of renewable electricity in the Pacific Northwest — including the largest solar facility in the region, located at PSE’s Wild Horse Wind Facility in Kittitas County. With output of up to 500… Continue Reading

Channel 7 News: Anna Bligh announces AU study at Ausra’s US-based solar thermal power plant

QLD Premier, Anna Bligh, announces AU study on solar power generation while visiting Ausra’s US-based solar thermal power plant. Clipping includes interview with Dr. David Mills the AU scientist behind Ausra’s breakthrough solar thermal technology. QLD and VIC will work… Continue Reading

Concentrating Solar Power Plants 1 MW- 5 MW (Fresnel technology)

Small-Scale Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Plants. A Fresnel technology. For more info Other Solar Power Sites Online Solar Power Generation | Computer and Technology Update We Are Thisclose to Affordable Concentrating Solar Power – And More Green Jobs, Too… Continue Reading

I need answer from the experts regarding the solar power generation in India, regarding development and issues

Please give me the deatils regarding the solar power in India, pertaining to recent developments and issues.I need the experts advice regarding this. Other Solar Power Sites Online Dubai‚Äôs world tallest tower starts using solar power | Peace News USA… Continue Reading