Renewable Energy Degrees: Green Jobs = Bright Future

According to the Worldwatch Institute: Driven by the gathering sense of a climate crisis, the notion of “green jobs”-especially in the renewable energy sector-is now receiving unprecedented attention. Currently about 2.3 million people worldwide work either directly in renewables or… Continue Reading

I need thoughts and opinions on this topic and answer question?

Throughout his presidential campaign, and since taking office in January 2009, President Barack Obama has pushed forward his agenda to free America from dependency on foreign oil. A growth of green jobs is predicted in the coming years as new… Continue Reading

Is it about time that we end "renewable" energy subsidies?

We taxpayers have dumped $Billions into wind, solar…etc. and have gotten no return. Shouldn’t we allow the Free Market determine what forms of energy we use? From the Wall Street Journal: "Congress seems ready to spend billions on a new… Continue Reading

Please help me revise a speech for the election!?

It’s really bad! Be as critical as possible without being mean! Candidates’ Environmental Plans Polar bears are going extinct because of the melting ice burgs. The temperature is increasing 5°C every century. Global warming is causing the ozone layer, Earth’s… Continue Reading

California Solar Company Gets $5 billion contract in China. Is this the new economy? Al Gore and Obama both has said that the new US economy will be made up of "Green jobs". Now a California company has received a lucrative contract to build a huge solar electric-generating plant in China. Is this… Continue Reading

Concentrating Solar Power Plants 1 MW- 5 MW (Fresnel technology)

Small-Scale Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Plants. A Fresnel technology. For more info Other Solar Power Sites Online Solar Power Generation | Computer and Technology Update We Are Thisclose to Affordable Concentrating Solar Power – And More Green Jobs, Too… Continue Reading